Persia Nomad Tour
Cities: Tehran, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Khoramabad, Dezfool, Susa, Shooshtar, Tehran

"Iran" the birthplace of great ancient civilizations that have raised from her Caspian Sea to Persian Gulf, each has a role in formation and structure of this country. Persian civilization, called 'Persia' by some historical critics is one of the most prominent civilizations among them founded by The Great Cyrus. The origin of this civilization begins from Hegmataneh (Nowadays called Hamedan), ancient capital of Medes. Cyrus the Great founded the Achaemenid dynasty by moving to a place called Parseh Gard near Shiraz. We will start our memorable voyage from Tehran, today’s capital of Persian nation, and we continue toward Hamedan, the very same Hegmatane, the rise of Medes. On our way to Khuzestan, the birthplace of Elamite dynasty, we reach Kermanshah and its inscription. We will face the following; Chaghazanbil, Susa and Shooshtar as our hosts there. Shiraz is our final stop to explore the remaining monuments of mysterious Persia. At the end, we have reached visiting all developments by Persian people including Elamites capital and first ever made arch of the world to Achaemenids and Sasanids inscriptions.


Arrival in Tehran and transfer to the hotel, a short rest in hotel, a full day city tour in Tehran Jewelry Museum and National Museum of Iran Tehran.

Morning drive to Hamedan, one of the Achaemenian residential, after check in and a short rest now is the time for exploring the city of Avicenna


Half day city tour in Hamedan, Drive to Kermanshah via Kangavar, overnight in Kermanshah Hegmataneh Hill, Anahitha Temple.        


Kermanshah city tour, Bistoon (one of the world heritage in Iran), overnight in Kermanshah Bistoon Inscription, Taq bostan.

Kermanshah city tour, Bistoon ( one of the world heritage in Iran), over night in KermanshahBistoon Inscription, Taq bostan

Morning drive to Dezfool  via Khorramabad

Morning drive to Ahvaz via Shush, Visiting Chogha Zanbil (the oldest standing ziggurat and one of the world heritage sites in Iran), overnight in Ahvaz Apadana palace, Chogha Zanbil ziggurat Ahvaz.

Morning drive to Shushtar, where you can be familiar with Sassanid Hydraulic Structures, overnight in Ahvaz.

Morning drive to Shiraz via Kazeroon, overnight in Shiraz, the remains of Bishapour, Shiraz old city.


Morning drive from Isfahan to Shiraz visit Pasargadae (Tomb of Cyrus the Great, another world heritage historical area in Iran) arrival time in Shiraz about afternoon.

Drive to Persepolis (one of the most famous world heritage historical area in Iran) and Naqsh-e Rostam out of city and then get back to Shiraz     

Check out, Half day city tour in Shiraz, Flight back to Tehran    
Vakil complex
Tehran city tour  Pahlavi and Qajar palaces