Iran, miracle of nature

Surely, as tour operator, our interest belongs to the attractions of our preferred destination Iran and we like to present it as attractive as possible but one thing we would like to say in advance: Iran is the country with the most variety in the entire Middle East.

In the North all the national parks with many kind of wild animals and almost Siberian forests, in the east the deserts Kabir and Lut with glowing summers and virgin sand dunes, in the western districts the Zagros Mountains which remind us of the Tyrolean Alps, close to the capital Teheran the Alborz Massive with his Ski areas Tochal and Dizin and the impressive Volcano Damavand. Not to forget about the southern areas of the country the climate zones of Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.


It is not exaggerated when we tell that you can, per Domestic flight in 1 hour directly from the northern Skisloopes, hop on to the southern beach – 75 km from Dubai with 35 Degree tanning your skin in the Arabian sun.

Iran has everything to offer and can be discovered in a group or on your own by bike, by camel, by foot or by car.

In a unique journey, we would like to show you the highest summit, the deepest lakes, the hottest deserts and the closest forest of Iran. Stay with us to explore the miracle of nature of Iran. Please do not hesitate for your preferred itinerary.


  • hiking on the feet of Damavand mountain
  • stalking in Golestan National park
  • 4x4 Safari in Kavir Desert
  • dolphin watching in Persian Gulf
  • Canyoning in Zagros Mountains