Service for individual traveler: We fully agree that traveling alone without the time pressure of a tour guide or pre-planned tours has its own special flair. You get a very special kind of experiences of a country and get to know better than from the coach window. I myself as a long time traveler and adventurer even say that from deep conviction.


We would like also for Iran not necessarily advise against it, but there are guidelines that you should keep better so do not have uncomfortable experiences of a very special kind.

Even at the visa application they need the invitation number that you can only get from a tour operator or a private individual. There are very specific districts in Tehran and Iran that are simply forbidden for foreigners to visit. It applies comply with dress code even if you believe you are not observed. Many things in Iran are different where you quickly once can also be very insulting to someone in a conversation. There are areas that are not safe. Payment habits and possibilities do not correspond at all our European systems.

You have to know all this before you engage in the adventure. 
To list everything here would take pages in demanding that we simply do not want to fill. Just politically motivated rules sometimes change monthly.

What we can do however is to offer you the necessary security, the desired freedom, and a reasonable service.

Please inquire with us if your travel plans are safe and practicable. We can advise and lead you in the case of certain regions for cheap hotel bookings or transfers by ensuring that your adventure remains manageable.



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Islamic Republic of Iran

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